All of us have been playing most of our lives. James Stone started on cello in 4th grade and has been playing in a band since high school. Al Young is arguably one of the best bass players I've ever heard playing with several bands for many years here on the central coast of California. Thommy Souza and Mark Doolin played together as school kids.  Mark has been in many bands also here on the central coast and Thommy has never done any other real job except drums and it shows.  James and Thommy have been playing together well over 15 years and Al young for close to 8 years.

Madstone started out as Hester Prynne about 8 years ago.  Steve passed away sadly and left us his music.  We felt we needed to keep his legacy alive. Great music is great music. The first 2 CDs include 2 to 4 of his tunes on each.  James Stone then formed Madstone with Thommy Souza, Shannon Shrogin,  and Al Young.  James added his music and we completed an impressive first 2 CDs.  Shannon could not continue with us so we went on the hunt for a new guitar. That's when Thommy called his old band mate Mark Doolin. We are close to completing CD number 3.  This time, Mark has collaborated on 4 of these new tunes and added his own flare and originality to the rest.  The result is stronger than ever, more rock, more punch.  You are always in for a great show, great fun, dance the night away experience. We hope to see you at a gig soon.